During our classes, we go over different topics: Color theory (Primary, Secondary and tertiary colors), Basic shapes, Degrading colors, Sparse, Textures, Emboss, Volume. Your kid will love to play with clay modeling!

The use of other elements (sticks, paperboard, wood, wire, pins, colander, etc) suggest a big range of beautiful and interesting options when working with 2D & 3D micro, and macro projects such us PLANTS (leaves, flowers, mushrooms) ECOSISTEMS (forest, jungle, animals) and different landscapes, scenarios and characters.

All of our workshops include the materials. We move around Brooklyn and New York City offering a variety of workshops throughout the year! Check the locations available in our calendar to be part of our activities during the summer.
- Remember that to register for a class, you must verify availability.


Want to host an After School Play Dough class for kids at your School?

If you want us to come to your child's school on a weekly basis, we are happy to team up with you! We provide an official proposal for you to present to the directory. If the registration shows a minimum of 3 kids, then we are ready to start!



While many parents look for a whole summer camp, we want to offer a great alternative! Our Play Dough class for kids comes to you.

How does it work?

You gather a group of minimum 5 kids and select a parent's home to run the workshop. The host's child pays $0. This might be a great option for a summer camp clay class for kids.


Check our calendar for dates, locations and prices that we have. There's always a Plastiline class for kids in New York that you can find or gather your own to create a clay class camp for kids of your neighborhood!

Random & local classes

We have picked some great spots where parents and children can come and enjoy while having fun.

Parent & Child:

Perfect for kids and parents looking for bonding time.

Adult workshops:

If you're looking for a distressing moment to go back in time, to have fun next to your partner, or to be a master mom/dad in the art of Plasteline to accompany your child's art projects and more. Adult classes that never get old!


Kid Parties

Having Play Dough in birthday parties is quite a great idea. We work with you to come up with a great project that all the party attendees will love. Our workshops are suitable for anyone older than 6 years old, since the concentration range in toddlers is shorter. Prices vary according to activity, but the fun is assured! Contact us to request a quote.


We are honored to be part of renowned institutions that work hard to provide education for kids. If you run one of these places in New York area, and would like to add Play Dough Workshops to your services, we provide the educators, the program and the materials. Sounds interesting? Contact us to set up a meeting!



Have a fun class for kids in Brooklyn, New York!
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